Transitions: Exhilarating or Intimidating?

As you can see from my website, I am a transition coach. How did I wind up here, you may wonder? If you know me well, you might really wonder. As a person who often has to be dragged from one situation or life stage to another, why on earth would I want to focus my career on transitions? The answer - I have learned many times over, that most of life’s transitions show up whether we like them or not. I loved living in my old neighborhood in Sterling Virginia, having potluck dinners, fourth of July races for the kids and endless chats with the ladies, trading advice, babysitting and recipes. But move to south Florida? Oh the anxiety! Or, my kids have moved out (sniffle), it’s time to retire but… what do I do now? Transitions like that can force us to reexamine our identity, question our purpose and wonder if life beyond the status quo is doable.

Some of you reading this may be thinking, I love moving to a new place-it’s an adventure! Or, Quit my job and retire- are you kidding?-DOUBLE YAY! And I would agree. Change can be appealing, maybe even exhilerating but it can also be daunting or terrifying on some levels. The thing about change is that it can make us feel like we’ve lost control-even if it’s a change that we are choosing. Novelty is one thing, but the great unknown is another. 

Back to my question-How did I wind up as a transition coach when I have trouble with transition? Having been thrust, firmly escorted or sometimes willingly marched into change, I’ve learned how to have more control over my thoughts, feelings and my perspective on change. I’ve learned to be an active participant, a designer so to speak, in the changes that I experience so that I feel more in command of what’s happening. And, no that doesn’t mean I have total control, it just means that I acknowledge and accept who I am. I take charge, as much as I can, over what is going to happen to design my new experience before I get there. That way I can have a little comfort along with the discomfort. How do I do that? Well, that would be a great topic for my next blog, so stay tuned:)

Suzanne LeonComment